Toasted Corn Crispbread

Toasted Corn Crispbread


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Only 19 calories per crispbread. Orgran Corn Crispbread is a quality product produced from natural wheat free and gluten free ingredients. It is the versatile flavourful crispbread that is complemented by your choice of savoury or sweet toppings.


Maize 74%, rice, salt, emulsifier: monoglycerides from vegetable.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy 1410kJ/334kcal, Protein 7.7g, Carbohydrate 70.3g (of which sugars) 0.7g, Fat 1.7g (of which saturates) 0.3g, Dietary fibre 4.0g, Sodium 0.4g.