Spelt & Sunflower Cutlets Organic

Spelt & Sunflower Cutlets Organic


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Spelt and sunflower cutlets are really delicious and nutritious. They are high in protein and calcium. Lightly smoked with aromotic beech wood smoke and flavoured with onions, vegetables, seeds and spices they form the perfect convenient base for any meal.


Tofu (water, soya beans) carrots, speltmeal, cold pressed sun flower oil, sunflower seeds, potatoes, veg broth, onions, cider vinegar, soya sauce, herbs, leek, spices, beech wood smoke.

Other Information

Taifun uses a combination of nigari (magnesium chloride extracted from sea water) and calcium sulphate to coagulate it. This coagulation method produces a firmer texture and is also means that the tofu is a good source of calcium.