Kelp Flakes Organic

Kelp Flakes Organic

Cornish Seaweed

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Our organic kelp flakes, also known as Kombu flakes, are famously used in Japanese cooking and for its unique umami taste. A deeply detoxifying and powerful sea vegetable with a deep flavour. Use in hearty meals including stews and winter soups. Also great to add to soaking pulses to make them more palatable.

All our pouches are now PLASTIC FREE and use biodegradable ink! They contain only paper and are therefore recyclable and compostable.

Taste: Deep umami taste, salty, sweet and smokey.

Eat cooked or rehydrated

Note: Kelp needs to be soaked for 30 mins in water to reduce high iodine levels when eaten raw. Cooking also significantly reduces iodine levels.

High in iodine (Highest of all seaweeds)
High in Dietary Fibre
High in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Potassium and Zinc.
High in Vitamins B7 & D
Source of Vitamin B3
Low in (Saturated) Fat