Jackfruit Chunks in salted Water Organic

Jackfruit Chunks in salted Water Organic

Essential Trading

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Chunks of the fresh young jackfruit are canned in salted water, and provide a natural, nutritious and delicious alternative to meat. This non-processed ingredient has a meaty texture that can take on almost any flavour, without the need to be terribly skilled in the kitchen.

The texture and appearance, when cooked, are not dissimilar to pulled pork, and shredded jackfruit can be used in cooking as a flavoursome meat-free option in a very similar way. Simply drain and rinse the jackfruit, and tear the fibrous chunks, before cooking in a sauce to create a satisfyingly hearty alternative to pulled pork or other vegan meat alternatives.

Jackfruit is a great unprocessed addition to a balanced plant-based diet, and its high fibre content also helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

Essential Jackfruit has been ethically sourced and grown organically by long-term farming partners in Sri Lanka. Essential established partnership with Sri Lankan fruit growers has developed over the past 12 years, supporting a network of 3,000 growers, ensuring local communities are supported and the traditional rural landscape is protected from mass scale farming. The fruit is grown, prepared and canned by this sustainable project.