Coconut Palm Sugar Raw Organic

Coconut Palm Sugar Raw Organic

Leicester Wholefoods

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Organic fairtrade, raw, unrefined, sustainable and highly nutritious
100% pure sugar alternative for people on restrictive sugar diets
Crystallised nectar from coconut blossom (different from coconut sugar)
Low glycaemic index of 35
No GMO, preservatives or additives
Vegan Society Approved

TIANA® Fairtrade Organic Raw Crystallised Coconut Blossom Nectar is the perfect alternative to cane or beet sugar. It is a unique sugar alternative for people on restrictive sugar diets as it contains 2% fructose which is the lowest available and has a naturally low glycaemic index of 35.

Freshly granulated from the sweet nectar of coconut blossom, the natural nectar crystals have far richer nutritional content than all other commercially available sugars or sweeteners.

It’s delicious taste and light golden colour is a natural result of the coconut blossom nectar, and not any caramelising from heat. 100% pure, raw and high in important nutrients making it much superior to coconut sugar.

Premium quality, purity and sustainability of ingredients guaranteed.


Ingredients: Organic Crystallised Coconut Nectar

Contains per 100g: Fat 0g of which saturated 0g / Carbohydrate 93.1g of which sugars 93.1g / Fibre 0.2g / Salt 0g
Energy per 100g: 1612 kJ/379 kcal