Coconut Flour Organic

Coconut Flour Organic


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Biona coconut flour is naturally gluten free and low in carbohydrates. The flour's high fibre content will increase the yield of our dough, making Biona coconut flour very economical. A good source of protein, Biona coconut flour can be used to make delicious high fibre and gluten free baked goods.

Made from the finest selected organic coconuts, this is a healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Ideal for both sweet and savoury baking.

When used in Baking
If you are planning on using coconut flour as a substitute for traditional flour, make sure to adjust your recipe by adding extra ingredients such as egg or tapioca/soya flour.
Due to coconut flour being non-glutinous, these additional ingredients are needed to bind the mixture.
Alternatively, you can also use coconut flour to substitute 1/3 of the normal flour recommended in a recipe. In this case, make sure to add 1/3 more liquids as well.