Buckwheat Flour (gluten Free)

Buckwheat Flour (gluten Free)

Doves Farm

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Common buckwheat (fagopyrum esculentum) was domesticated and first cultivated in southeast Asia, possibly around 6000 BC. It is a member of the rhubarb family and can be identified by its triangular seeds which ripen in late Autumn. Buckwheat seeds consist of small, black outer hulls encapsulating delicate pyramidal kernels which are violet, faint green, purple, and white. After careful milling, buckwheat yields a silky calico coloured flour that retains traces of pastel hues.

Doves Farm Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour is milled the traditional way, using a stoneground process, from naturally gluten and wheat free wholegrain buckwheat, sometimes known as Sarrasin. 

Buckwheat flour makes delicious pancakes, blini, noodle and specialist pasta.